Bang & Kosher is a collective consisting of like minded individuals focused on giving back to the world through eccentric lifestyle services.




SInce 2011 we have designed a platform that would enable small business take a leap of faith in an attempt to take their brand to the next level with the help of the ultimate shopping experience

GATP: lagos

By teaming up with fellow household names in events management (Bankhead Ent. & Weyworld) the GATP project has been able to crossover from a small gathering to a must visit event every sunday



Bang&Kosher brings to you season after season of head gear masterpieces designed for comfort and flexibility with various designs and colours.

Ignite the flame and become a part of Nigeria's largest growing live retail community.

Register your brand today on the Mente de Moda platform as a platinum member and get regular updates and information about upcoming exhibitions, v.i.p access to some of the most exclusive events in the city and giveaways that pop up periodically during the year.

"The Bang&Kosher collective is made up of businessmen, actors, models, graphic designers, music artists, event promoters, product designers and all round renegade geeks caught up in continuously mutating social circles in metropolitan Lagos & the diaspora"



In a bazaar that would not be forgotten so easily, the Bang&Kosher company can only be grateful to YOU! the everyday Mente de Moda supporter, the vendors, the shoppers, the crew, our media partners and every affiliated individual to the SME project.

The Midsummerversary saw candy floss being sold on sticks to shoppers with a sweet tooth that is if you hadn't already indulged in mouth watering milk shakes from the JOHNNY ROCKETS truck sitting pretty as soon as you come in through the secondary entrance at BICS GARDEN. It was an amazing experience for shoppers looking for rare and pocket friendly items, one stop at stalls like 87 ORIGINS, TERRE LAGOS, PEPS KRU, 1807 COUTURE & LOVESHOPCLOSET and you would definately have gotten a bang for your buck. With our regular and ever so consistent vendors present to re-enforce their brand growth it is no wonder brands like SOUL ORANGE VINTAGE, URBAN FUXION, BIDDY'S MONDO, NICOLE&GIOVANNI SOCKS, VINTAGEWEARE constantly have a pool of people checking out their products.

In all the MIDSUMMERVAERSARY could not have been possible without our amazing & ever so patient vendors, our great and lively crowd of buyers and everyone supporting the dream to build the largest SME network in the continent.



It was great fun having the crew over from NDANI TV at the last exhibition, the  journey so far has been truly remarkable especially with the support and feedback from our fabolous vendors.

Mente de Moda was created to give new brands a rare opportunity to get their products into the lifestyle high street. It gives labels the opportunity to experiment with physical retail, get face-to-face consumer feedback, and test the market.



"it's a mooooovvviiieee"


Sunday afternoons have never been the same as Ciroc Ultra premium vodka presents The Grill at the Pent.

The Coolest day party of hit the City of Lagos. Fabolous people, great music, lovely ambience and a Great grill menu including grilled prawns, sea bars, steak, t bone and so on with the finest selection of Champagne and Ciroc